Kusakichi Funayuki Knife

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Kusakichi Funayuki Knife

Very close to the modern Santoku knife, these Funayuki knives are versatile and all purpose. 

Available in two blade length.

Nokaji, direct translation means Wild/Outdoor/Field Blacksmith. In old Japan every village and cities had many Nokaji, they specialized in…. well, whatever their customers needed. They forged hoes, weeders, axes, hatchets, knives, spikes, fishing hooks, sickles, and list goes on. They were the one supporting the sharp side of civilian livelihood. Though many retired after the industrial evolution since 50’s, this important culture lives on in rural Japan.
These Kusakichi knives resemble the knives those Nokaji forged up for their neighbors. They are rough, raw looking, inexpensive, yet works very well. You will notice some imperfections on finishes, each single one is hand forged. The steel is carbon steel, please keep it dry as possible. When washing, wash with soapy water then rinse with hot water, make sure to dry with towel thoroughly. If you leave the blade wet, rust will form on the surface which should be avoided. It is highly recommended to apply camelia oil on the blade after each use, this will make sure the blade won’t have rust.



This product can potentially expose you to chemicals including lead, nickel and chromium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warning.ca.gov

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