Come join Wellington Dong and Eric Baker for an ongoing series of classes, one Saturday per month. We will build your core skill set through sharpening, tool set up, tool use and layout for projects. Classes will culminate into a group project, summer 2024, making a traditional Japanese facade for Hida tools with special guest William Richter.


  • SAT, JAN 6

    1st class 1/6/2024

    Sharpening and chisel set up.

    1. Water stones #1000,
    # 5000, #8000
    2. diamond plate for stone flattening.
    3. Chisel “nomi”
    4. Hammer “genno”
    5. Positive attitude

  • SAT, FEB 17

    2nd class 2/17/2024

    Recap nomi sharpening intro to plane blade Sharpening and chip breaker set up.

    1. Plane “Kanna” 48mm
    2. Scraper plane “Tachi”
    3. Scraper “Shitaba-Kun”
    4. Positive attitude

  • SAT, MAR 2

    3rd class 3/2/2024

    Setting blade into dai

    3rd & 4th class recap on sharpening introduce scraper plane “tachi”, scraper “SHITABA-KUN” and kanna setup from start to finish.

  • SAT, APR 13

    4th class 4/13/2024

    Adjust sole of dai to hand plane

    3rd & 4th class recap on sharpening introduce scraper plane “tachi”, scraper “SHITABA-KUN” and kanna setup from start to finish.

  • SAT, MAY 11

    5th class 5/11/2024

    Expansion of hand planing intro to hand saw "Ryoba"

    1. Ryoba 240mm

  • SAT, JUN 8

    6th class 6/8/2024

    More hand saw work. Intro to layout and wood selection. Starting work on Hida façade.

    1. Combo square 12” good quality
    2. Japanese square “sashigane”
    3. Tape measure
    4. Mechanical pencil

Suggested reading before class

1. Toshio Odate - “Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Tradition, Spirit and Use.”
2. Dale Brotherton - “Sharpening and the Japanese Hand Plane”


  • Wellington Dong

    Wellington Dong

    Apprenticeship with Allen TrigueroWorked at Joinery Structures
    - Felsentor
    - Kit House
    - Asian Museum
    - Santa Rosa Museum Joinery Structures Show
    Worked with Eastwind on
    - Tiburon House
    - Barn Build
    - Rintaro Restaurant

  • Eric Baker

    Eric Baker

    Ramona High School, 1990 Wood Shop
    Furniture Design, SDSU, 1995 Hand made furniture
    Working Cabinet Shops, 1995-2002 San Diego & Oakland
    Joinery Structures, 2002-2013 Japanese Timber Framing
    On-site Finish Carpenter, 2014-2021
    Joinery Structures, 2022-present Shop/Mill manager

    I’ve been woodworking for 30+years. Started using Japanese tool’s in 1993, during furniture school. Met Wellington in 2001 and he encouraged me to go work at Joinery Structures. Thanks Welly! Got me an education at JS doing Japanese timber framing using traditional Japanese hand tools.
    Father of 3 wonderful kids, Milo 22, Raven 7 & Wren 5. Bicycle enthusiast my entire life.

please contact wellyanderichidaclasses@gmail.com for signing up and questions.