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Item # M-2011   

Made from high quality blue steel, this knife will hold a long lasting, very sharp edge. When you’re out in the wilderness, often times the two most valuable tools are your knife and your ability to make or find cordage (rope). This knife can be secured to a long stick to create a spear for fending off game or nosy camping neighbors. (Just kidding--Hida Tool does not endorse violence). When it’s time to build a shelter and start a fire, it can even cut branches and fell small trees by striking the spine with a thick stick.

After a trip to the mountains, restore the knife to tip-top shape by wiping it clean with a damp towel & then applying a thin coat of camellia oil to the blade surface and cutting edge. Each knife comes with an attractive black sheath. Available in 5 ¼” & 7” blade lengths. Sharpening stones available separately.


This product can potentially expose you to chemicals including lead, nickel and chromium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warning.ca.gov

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