Tasai Wakizashi Nomi

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This product can potentially expose you to chemicals including lead, nickel and chromium which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warning.ca.gov

Tasai Wakizashi Nomi

Wakizashi is another way to call a katana, a samurai sword. Mr. Tasai started this product line for craftsman wanting to try his chisel but can't afford his full set. As the samurais take their sword every where they go, Mr. Tasai wishes that the owner of these chisels will accompany the owner to their job sites with the nice included leather sheath.

Steel - Tasai's Blue Steel

Size - 24mm

Handle - Boxwood

Hollow - Double Hollow

- Hammer Finish / Boxwood Handle
It's called the Tsuchime finish in Japanese, raw and wild.

- Hand Polished Finish / Boxwood Handle
Most popular finish in Japan. With years of use and proper care the surface will grow a beautiful colored patina. Hard to describe the color, like a oil in water reflecting sunlight, just like that color.

- Mokume Finish / Boxwood Handle
The amount of work and detail put into this finish is unbelievable. You can see all the layering and pattern done on the laminated iron, beautiful.

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